How does art therapy work?

The healing power of art therapy lies in the effect of creative processes and their focused accompaniment by the therapist. A recognised therapeutic approach in the English-speaking world, it is becoming increasingly established in Germany both inside and outside hospitals. 

Art therapy is suitable for people of all ages and for all mental illnesses. It fosters creative abilities and a sense of reality and authenticity.

The special thing about this form of therapy is its particular attention to communication though and in images.

There is a wide range of material and tools for you in my praxis studio. You don’t need to have any artistic experience or skills for art therapy to be effective.

How do I work?

My approach is based on psycho-analytic theory, and assumes that unresolved issues in the unconscious express themselves and cause trouble in the form of symptoms of illness or conflicts with oneself or others.

Artistic processes and reflecting on them with another person can lead to a beneficial encounter with these hidden issues and themes. Through creative exploration they can concretise in images and open up new perspectives.

My aim in art therapy is to support you to calmly develop your personal visual language, which boosts your self-confidence and changes your self-perception. In this way you prepare the ground for new insights in relation to yourself and others. I see the way you work and what emerges as visible and tangible evidence of your uniqueness.

In individual sessions and/or in the validating atmosphere of a group you can find the safety to work towards change creatively.