How much does art therapy cost?

Most statutory health insurances don’t yet cover art therapy. But private healthcare costs can be claimed as extraordinary expenses (außergewöhnliche Belastungen) in your tax return. 


There are ways of applying for funding:
To apply for partial funding from a health insurer you need a medical certificate containing a diagnosis and a recommendation for art therapy.

You can also apply for finance through the ‘personal budget’.

The following link takes you to a version in simple German:


Children and adolescents with disabilities can receive funding through the social-security statutes §§ 53, 54 SGB XII and from the Youth Welfare Office (Jugendamt) (§ 35a Abs. 1a SGB VIII).



My fees:
Preliminary appointment:
free of charge

Trial sessions (max. 3 ):
60 min. = € 55

One-to-one sessions:
60 min. = € 75 for adults
€ 70 for children/adolescents

Reductions can be agreed for the unemployed and people on ‘basic income’ or Hartz 4.

Group therapy:
2,5 h = € 65
Reductions can be agreed here too.